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E-DRIVETOUR 1st Mobility Period

After almost 3 months of online lectures, students from the International Hellenic University, the University of Craiova and the University of Technology and Humanities in Radom were gathered all together in Thessaloniki, Greece. For 2 weeks, starting from March 28th, 2022 until April 8th, 2022, the students had the opportunity to attend onsite laboratory experiments on 6 of the topics that had been previously taught. All laboratory sessions of this 1st Mobility Period took place at the premises of the department of Industrial Engineering and Management of the International Hellenic University at Alexander University Campus in Sindos. Thessaloniki, Greece.

In the frame of these activities, the students formed 6 international groups, each composed of six students from all Universities. All groups had to perform experiments of at least 4 h duration on the electric mobility topics of this mobility period (shown in the figure below) and at the end submit a brief report with their findings, results, graphs and comments. Simultaneously, they were required to develop a sensing cluster for automotive applications with microcontrollers, 3D models of electric vehicle parts, an augmented reality application, simulations as well as maintain and prepare their assigned vehicle for a racing contest. All these activities were required to be met by the university students in order to be eligible for receiving the corresponding skill certification.


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