E-DRIVE TOUR aims at the development of an interactive course on electric vehicles with a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum that includes reconfigurable laboratory apparatus, innovative demonstrator group assignment & an industrial experience to equip the participants with the necessary experience to enter the emerging market of Electric Mobility.

The E-DRIVE TOUR course focuses on the following objectives:

  • Develop an innovative course on Electric Vehicles to complete the market void in technical and maintenance specialists created by the rapid expansion of this industry.

  • To address participants from backgrounds with fewer opportunities (immigrants, economically disadvantaged) and foster social integration, enhance intercultural understanding

  • Enhance opportunities for cooperation and mobility between partner countries, specifically between South European and North European countries

  • Create a course recognised by academia & industry throughout the EU by offering a recognised & comparable course by using the ECTS credit system

  • Modernise the educational techniques of higher education institutes by creating interactive learning methods and industrial tools

  • Create cost effective reconfigurable tools used across industries and online platform for global access to reduce the learning cost in academia and empower distant learners

  • Offer a chance to augment the skills of lifelong learners and maintain them on top of the employment market.

  • Increase competence in new languages by interconnecting participants of different ethnic & linguistic background, offering language introductory course and sending them to a foreign industrial exchange experience.

  • Create an easily deployable course for use by other EU educators

  • Set the foundations for developing a Masters course on Electric Mobility across EU institutions

  • Ignite entrepreneurship by using interactive teaching & participation methods that boost innovative thinking and to emerge them to this industry sector

  • Equip educators with new tools for conveying knowledge

  • Develop & adapt a joint curriculum between participating HEIs, designed on an exhaustive needs analysis and focusing on a “real-life” transnational approach

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