The course duration is 8 months, plus a 14-day industrial experience, a month after the end of the teaching period. During the execution of the course, 3 mobility periods are programmed. For the first 2 (14-day) periods, the students & educators from two universities will travel to the third to participate in the large scale laboratories. Although the course will be taught in English, local language lessons will be provided to enable the participants to immerge in the local culture during the exchange periods. The course will be open for participation for anyone with a basic electrical or mechanical technical background. Priority will be given according to their academic performance & in the case of equivalent academic level then participants from less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds (including refugees, asylum seekers & migrants) will be preferred. In the third period, all participating students will be spread to the partner – companies in order to perform a 14-day internship focused on electric vehicle technology. Thus, having completed all four periods of training, participating students will have gained significant theoretical knowledge on electric vehicle technology but most of all will have acquired significant practical experience, valuable for meeting the requirements of an emerging market.