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University of Craiova with its 17 faculties is one of the largest Romanian public institutions devoted to higher education and research. Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics is part of University of Craiova and it was founded within the university in 1961. Its main research activities are focused in the areas of control engineering, robotics and ICT. The three departments of faculty (Automation & Electronics, Computers & Information Technology, Robotics & Mechatronics) consist of more than 70 scientists (professors, assistants and PhD students). Current research projects are related to mobile robots for environmental quality control, application of smart materials in robotics, control systems for robots on cooperative tasks, robot control based on vision and AI, telematics applications for robots, applications of adaptive and robust control, nonlinear and intelligent process control, multimedia systems. Research topics include mobile robots, path planning, telematics, fuzzy and neural control, nonlinear control, robot vision, pattern recognition, visual serving, identification, modelling and control of robotic systems, stability and oscillations, control of bioprocesses, time delay systems. The Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics includes 4 research centres, namely: Multimedia Application Development, Advanced Software Technologies for Distributed Systems and Computer Networks, Non-linear Automation, Stability and Oscillations, and Robotics and Flexible Manufacturing Systems.


Role in the project

The administrative and financial management of the project will be carried out through the direct involvement and supervision of the Economic Department of the university. It has in its structure the following organizational subdivisions: i) Accounting Service; ii) Financial Service.

The operational management of the scientific research activity at the University of Craiova is carried out by the Department of Program Research and Management. This department has the following functions: i) Coordinates, monitors and supports scientific research and technological activity; ii) Supports the members of the academic community to prepare and carry out scientific research projects; iii) Monitors the research activity of each department and project in the university; iv) Coordinates scientific research reporting; v) Promotes UCV research units to the (inter-)national research organizations and agencies and stimulates international scientific collaboration with UCV research teams and labs; vi) Monitors together with Financial Service the financial management of research projects in the university.


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