Inteligg P.C. is a start-up company which aims to deliver intelligent, innovative and sustainable solutions for Smart Cities and Communities. Inteligg P.C. develops products, provides services and engages in research in the fields of energy, transport, environment and rural applications. The company was created after long continuous research efforts (25 years) in the academic and industrial sectors of its members in the area of energy, transport, environment and agriculture and being expanded and applied in the broader area of the Smart Cities. The founding members consist of mechanical, electrical, aerospace and computer engineers with extensive experience in national and international research and system development projects, focusing on social innovation, sustainable mobility and economy, environmental impact assessment, energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as ICT solutions.


Role in the project

As a business partner, Inteligg P.C. is expected to have a major contribution on dissemination and impact making activities, given that it maintains an extensive network of contacts created through collaborations of its members in projects with partners from universities, research institutions, public administration and companies in many European countries and the USA. To that end, it will lead the Exploitation & Dissemination workpackage. Taking into account that two products of the company are applications of sustainable mobility with respect to e-bike sharing and carpooling, Inteligg P.C. will significantly contribute to the integration, deployment & benchmarking activities, and will be actively involved in the preparation of application requirements & specifications, academic curriculum development, and development of laboratory apparatus. Moreover, it will participate in project management related activities.

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