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eZee Europe is a family business, independent of the major groups, founded by engineers passionate on new power technologies and conscious of sustainable development. A company always looking and around the world the latest and most innovative technologies to the customer to make them available. To accommodate the customer comfortably and to fulfill our mission in good conditions, we prefer a showroom and workshop in Beauvechain, offering more than 150 m2 , a "bling" arcade in downtown while you offer if necessary a pick-up service or delivery at customer’s home.


eZee Europe was created 18 years ago, first in Switzerland and then in Belgium with high skilled professionals of the electric bike. There is great experience on the Australian, Canadian and Swiss markets while the company offers a wide range of high-performance, customizable electric bicycles, made from high quality components while developing a dynamic of eco-mobility, serving individuals and businesses. eZee Europe is specialized in the development and promotion of ultra-light electric vehicles since 2011 while selecting a variety of bicycles and bicycle cargo electrically assisted useful and utilities according to the customer’s specific needs. As experts and professionals, eZee Europe provides maintenance and repairs to the e-bike. Exclusively, via eZee Europe, it is the VAE brand eZee Kinetics Ltd. a leading manufacturer of bicycles and electric kits in the world for 18 years, and some brands of motorized cargo bikes eZee (eg Radkutsche). The eZee engine kits are known worldwide for their performance unconventional that allowed the adventurer Bernard Cauquil win the Suntrip in 2015.


Role in the project

The company will be able to host students while their visit in Belgium and provide them with specialised courses related with the design of the e-bike, the assembly of the different components necessary for the right manufacturing of an e-bike with detailed guides regarding the battery of the e-bike that is considered to be the heart of it. Different Battery Management Systems will be shown with different battery sizes and corresponding e-bikes that are contained in the company and are used for various purposes. It is believed that via the workshop and the information days students will be able to capture the idea of how an e-bike is created and see the whole life-cycle assessment of that e-bike as part of the light electric vehicles industry.


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