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European Certification and Qualification Association


The ECQA GmbH was founded 2015, out of an initiative and several European projects. The ECQA GmbH is taking over the work of the ECQA association and by thus working with international experts to certify job roles worldwide and to network with experts on the needs of markets and companies. Additionally the ECQA is using their experts on Vocational Education Training to support Training organisations and Project groups that often seek help in the design of their trainings to stick to EQF/NQF. Additionally, ECQA GmbH is already a certification provider of other associations and is managing their certifications (E.g. iNTACS, ISTQB).


Role in the project

ECQA is expected to evaluate the educational material and laboratory approaches and certify the overall curriculum in terms of the market needs. For this reason, the great experience of ECQA in automotive oriented program will be exploited. Advices will be provided for the improvement of the educational material towards supporting the certification of the course. The company will be also activated in the area of course monitoring and benchmarking, as well as in the establishment of the certification and courses evaluation procedures. Finally, ECQA will undertake the Quality Assurance & Risk Management Task of the project.


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