Created in February 2014, VEDECOM is an Institute for Energy Transition ('ITE'), dedicated to individual, carbon-free and sustainable mobility, established as part of the French governmental plan, ‘Investment for the future'. It contributes to the 'Autonomous vehicle plan', which was recently incorporated into the Solution for Future Industry Program alongside Eco-mobility; both of which are part of ‘Nouvelle France Industrielle', the government's plan to invigorate the country's industry. As a public-private partnership based foundation, VEDECOM is based on an unprecedented collaboration between industries of the automotive and aerospace sectors, infrastructure and services operators in the mobility eco-system, academic research institutions and local authorities.
VEDECOM aims at becoming a European innovation leader in the fields of electrified vehicles, autonomous and connected cars and new infrastructure and services for shared mobility and energy. VEDECOM’s research is focused on three areas: Vehicle electrification, connected and automated driving, and shared mobility and energy. Also, VEDECOM acts as an approved training institution by offering expert training and raising public awareness surrounding innovative mobility solutions.
PSA Group, Groupe Renault, Valeo, Université Gustave Eiffel (ex: Ifsttar), Transdev, the Paris-Saclay development authority and the engineering school ESTACA are some of VEDECOM’s members.

Role in the project

VEDECOM, being an Institute specialized also in automotive technology training, contributes to the development of the course material and the laboratory apparatus and demonstrators for the intermediate projects. VEDECOM will host as an industrial partner in the project students for 15 days training internship. Finally, significantly important will be its contribution regarding the advices and guidance towards the accreditation of the training program.


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