Triggo S.A. developed an urban vehicle combining the best of two worlds: the two-wheelers’ agile traffic mobility and ease of parking, with everyday practicality, safety, and comfort of passenger cars. Triggo vehicles’ design incorporates the unprecedented, Variable Geometry Suspension, drive-by-wire steering system, and a fully enclosed two-passenger cabin. The design is covered by international patents granted on territories inhabited by nearly 4 bn people. Triggo is specifically designed for use within the current car-sharing and the upcoming Robtaxi (Mobility-on-Demand) shared mobility service platforms. The company built a series of the vehicle’s prototypes including the most recent fully functional pre-production model. The prototypes have so far delivered on the design’s original promises. Triggo S.A. is intensively working towards market entry scheduled for the second half of 2022.

Role in the project

TRIGGO will contribute to the evaluation of educational material, laboratory apparatus and demonstrators. Additionally, TRIGGO will provide advices regarding technical (when can be available) and educational material (photos, videos, text etc.). The core contribution of TRIGGO will be the 14-day practical training of students.


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